WorldFood Poland is the largest b2b fair in Poland devoted to the food industry – from production, through processing to the final food product and its sale.

The fair presents a wide range of food and drink products, alcohols, organic and functional food and dietary supplements, as well as food raw materials and additives, technologies, packaging and services for the food industry.


Fresh fruits and vegetables, Fruit and vegetable preservatives, Vegetable substitutes for meat and dairy products, Meat, Fish, Dairy products, Eggs, Sweets and snacks, Bread and other bakery products, Oils and Fats, Sauces and Pickles, Ready meals, Instant food, Canned food, Cereal Products, Pasta, Baby Food, Breakfast Cereals, Herbs, Spices and Salt, Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits, Jams, Honey and Creams, Soft Drinks, Coffee and Tea, Other Food Products


Wine, Vodka, Alcoholic beverages, Beers, Ciders, Premium alcohols


Organic, certified food and beverages, Natural and traditional products, Clean Label, Organic wines, Gluten-free products, Other organic products


Dietary supplements, Functional food and drink, Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals, Products used in natural medicine, Functional food additives


Food raw materials and ingredients, Food additives, Flavorings and colorings, Proteins and starches


Food and Beverages Production Equipment, Food Processing Machines, Filtering, Heating and Cooling Equipment, Software, Automation and IT Services, Quality Control

Food&Drink Packaging

Packages for the food industry and dietary supplements, Packages for the alcohol industry, Glass packages, Metal packages, Paper and cardboard packages, Wooden packages, Plastic packages, Ecological packages, Packaging components, Labels


The Refrigeration and Controlled temperature supply and logistic fair

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