WorldFood Poland is an international event connecting producers and distributors with people responsible for purchases in retail chains, wholesalers, retail and specialty stores, restaurants, and hotels. It is a platform that allows access to the best, often unique products, not only from Poland but from around the world. Visitors, in addition to the substantive knowledge provided during numerous lectures and debates, can take part in culinary workshops, tastings, and specially organized B2B meetings to make the best use of their time during the fair.

If you are a person who makes decisions or has a real impact on purchasing decisions in your company (purchasing director, commercial director, buyer) – use our VIP Buyer programme and take full advantage of the potential of WorldFood Poland.

Why is it worth taking part in the WorldFood Poland fair?

building an optimal portfolio of products and brands – market review and evaluation of the product offer, following the latest trends and innovations, verification of your shelf

a chance to find new suppliers – getting acquainted with new products and offers of producers or distributors from the food industry, the possibility of enriching your store and restaurant shelves with new products

gaining knowledge about the FMCG market thanks to participation in conferences, debates, and discussion panels

developing professional competencies through participation in training courses dedicated to buyers

the opportunity to participate in the VIP Buyer programme, which guarantees effective use of time at the fair and the possibility of arranging 1: 1 meetings with selected entrepreneurs

consultations with the food industry and food law and regulations experts in connection with the dynamic changes in this category

cuisines and beverages of the world – you have the opportunity to take part in culinary workshops conducted by chefs from around the world, and you can taste the best food products and alcohol from around the world in one place and time

Join the biggest food industry meeting.