Stand out! To increase the benefits of participating in WorldFood Poland, we have prepared a dedicated offer of marketing services that will help distinguish your brand from the competition and be noticed by potential customers. You can choose from individual marketing benefits and select the most appropriate forms of promotion for you ors use ready-made sponsorship packages.

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Your logo and advertising in the catalogue and trade brochure

As part of participation in the fair, you are guaranteed a description of the company in the fair catalogue. What if, next to the short description, there were also photos and a description of a few selected products or the entire page of the advertisement? Do you want the Visitors to be able to easily find your stand and the logo to be noticeable at first glance? You can put your company logo on the hall map. Additionally, together with the fair brochure, we can give each visitor your leaflets and company advertising gadgets or place your company’s advertising spot on the monitor at the Fair Reception.

Banners, roll-ups, advertising materials - promotion in the fair area

Do you want to attract attention and stand out from the competition? The key to success is a well-thought-out, creatively designed fair structure and appropriately selected marketing activities. You only have a few seconds to catch the eye of your potential customers. We know from experience that exhibition stands that are unconventional and visible from a distance are more likely to be visited. A banner above the stand, higher stand walls, roll-up in the main hall, floor stickers directing traffic directly to your company’s stand, or distribution of advertising materials, such as gadgets with your company logo, samples or leaflets in the exhibition area to guide the traffic of visitors straight to your stand – these are just a few options that will make you stand out and help you remember your customers.

Get noticed - advertising on the registration form and badges

Do you want to be sure that every visitor sees your ad? We offer a unique possibility of placing an advertising banner on the website with the online registration form – online registration is obligatory for everyone who wants to enter the fair, so you can be sure that every visitor will see your advertisement! You can also place your ad on Visitor IDs. Each registered visitor receives a printable identifier by e-mail and you can place your advertisement on it! Additionally, we can also put your logo on the “Visitor Lanyards“. Each participant will notice them and they will be included in hundreds of photos published on the Internet. There are even more possibilities…

Brand presentation and participation in the conference programme

WorldFood Poland is an important place to exchange views and experiences as well as expand knowledge, incl. through participation in substantive conferences, practical seminars, discussion panels, training and workshops. Participation as an expert in a conference programme with your own presentation or participation in an expert debate is a great image benefit for the company and an important element of brand building. The conference forum is also the perfect place to present all the news and innovations!

Distinguish your products by taking part in the WorldFood Poland Gold Medal Competition

The aim of the WorldFood Poland Gold Medal Competition is to select and promote the best products presented at the fair. A professional and substantive Jury consisting of representatives of the scientific community, certification bodies and institutes, representatives of commercial networks, associations, and industry organizations is looking for modern, innovative, and top-quality products. The winners of the WorldFood Poland Gold Medal Competition will receive a rich package of marketing benefits and the winning products will be promoted both during the fair and throughout the year.

Become a partner of a selected WorldFood Poland zone

You can choose the most appropriate marketing services and forms of promotion for you, as well as use ready-made sponsorship packages. You can choose from the following sponsorship packages:

Main Sponsor of the Fair, Sponsor of the Food & Drinks Zone, Sponsor of the EcoFood Zone, Sponsor of the NutraFood Zone, Sponsor of the Wine & Spirits Zone, Sponsor of the Ingredients Zone, FoodTech Zone Sponsor, Food & Drink Packaging Zone Sponsor, ColdChain Zone Sponsor, Conference Sponsor, VIP Reception Sponsor, Banquet Sponsor, Sponsor of the Commercial Talks Zone / VIP Buyer

Are you attending the fair and want to distinguish your brand from the competition?
Do you want Participants to find out about your company before the fair?

Build the image and recognition of your brand together with WorldFood Poland! Download the catalogue of marketing services and contact us. Together, we will match marketing benefits to your business goals and help you reach your target group.

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