WorldFood Poland is a leading business event for people professionally associated with the food industry. Visitors to the fair are business owners, CEOs, managers, and specialists with strictly defined business goals. We connect all the links of the food supply chain in one place and time: the agri-food sector, food processing, distribution, and trade. The international nature of the event gives the opportunity to attract international contractors and enter new markets. It is an ideal space for cooperation, learning, and searching for new development opportunities for your business.


Why is it worth taking part in WorldFood Poland??

company promotion – building and consolidating a positive brand image

presentation of the company’s offer – presentation of new products, sale of the company’s products and services

platform for direct business contacts – the possibility of acquiring new business contacts, generating databases of potential customers, acquiring new business partners from Poland and abroad, maintaining good relations with existing customers

exchange of experiences and broadening the knowledge about current changes and trends in the industry – incl. through participation in practical seminars, discussion panels, workshops, trainings and conferences, discussions with specialists and authorities from the industry, as well as through direct conversations with clients, partners, suppliers, contractors

market review and evaluation of the competition’s offer – tracking the latest trends and innovations, verifying your position in the industry against the competition, and collecting feedback and suggestions from industry visitors about the products and services presented

a chance to find alternative suppliers of raw materials, additives or modern technology – reducing the costs of the company’s operations by eliminating intermediaries and shortening the supply chain, learning about modern technologies and offers of companies for the food industry that allowimproving the production, as well as processing or distribution process

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positively evaluates the trade fair and its organization

recommends participation in the WFP fair to its contractors

established contacts significant for the company

influences or makes decisions

are representants of wholesale or retail sale

looking for ecological and pro-health products at the fair

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Join the biggest food industry meeting

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