We are happy to announce exhibitor Marex-gel from Croatia will be joining us at WorldFood Poland Virtual Expo Exhibition.

Marex-gel LLC has, for many years, been providing consumers with quality and innovative products and directing its business towards recognition of its deep-frozen products, ice cream and gnocchi. Using EU co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund, by introducing a quality and safety system through the adoption of FSSC22000, Marex-gel has established a new evaluation system and aligned itself with the global safety system within the production process and supply chain.

Continuous monitoring of trends has resulted in the announcement of new products from the range of gnocchi and ice cream, which have increased protein content, reduced sugar and fat content and adjusted packaging for optimal consumption.

Special taste of ice cream is emphasized by easy scooping and optimal sweetness without the presence of ice crystals. The assortment has expanded with the introduction of special accessories and various packaging for retail sales from 400 ml to 800 ml. Category of assortment intended for the hotel and catering segment has expanded to volumes of 6 and 8 litres, retaining the special feature of increased paste content, reduced aroma content with the use of natural colours and keeping the milk base of the entire assortment.

The special feature of the gnocchi product line comes from the maximum proportion of potatoes with the addition of dehydrated Mediterranean herbs and milk and eggs. Product range has been expanded with an innovative product, gnocchi with increased protein content. Gnocchi protein + is a combination of vegetable and milk whey and casein proteins that together represent a high 17% energy source per 100 g of product that contains a minimum of 60% to as much as 200% more protein than a conventional product. Added value of the product is in the reduced proportion of wheat flour in favour of the addition of a nutritionally richer and more acceptable food, spelt flour. Gnocchi protein + contain a high proportion of potatoes and an optimal ratio of eggs and sea salt, which, with a high proportion of milk components, contributes to the fine taste and softness of the product. The product is cooked in just 2 minutes and, with the addition of sauce, represents a smart and healthy meal choice for everyone.

With the realization of these business plans, despite all the health limitations that have further motivated us to be more flexible, faster and better, we expect to continue to grow in the market with existing customers and enter the kitchens of new consumers. We will continue to base our success on safety and mutual satisfaction!