Gold Medals of WorldFood Warsaw 2018

Over 140 food products in fourteen categories fought for medals and fair awards. The proposals of producers and distributors surprised even the demanding taste buds of professional  Jury. The results were announced during the meeting with the media last week. Why is it worth taking part in the next editions of the Competition?
Jury: Jarosław Uściński (President of the Jury, President of OSSKiC), Kevin Aiston (chef), Grzegorz Łapanowski (chef), Agnieszka Szpaderska (Director of the Fair), Kurt Scheller (chef), prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Krygier spent many hours in the hospitable thresholds of the Moonsfera restaurant, tasting and evaluating domestic and foreign specialties.
18 medals and 16 special prizes were awarded.
We present the list of winners of the WorldFood Warsaw 2018 Gold Medal Competition:

Category: Natural and Organic Food
Gold Medal: Kale pesto, Dary Natury
Special Prize: Ecological concentrate of chokeberry, PPHU Bio Juice
Special Prize: Ecological pickled cucumbers, Świętokrzyska Farm
Special Prize: Napoli Pasta, Naturcompagnie

Category: Oils
Gold Medal: Oil from roasted sunflower seeds, Eka Medica
Special Prize: Black cumin oil, Złoto Polskie
Special Prize: Saffron milk cup oil, Semco

Category: Fruit and vegetable preserves, plant-based products
Gold Medal: Vegetarian Paprykarz, Primavika
Gold Medal: Sea buckthorn carrot jam, Szarłat
Special Prize: Rose fruit confiture, Dary Natury

Category: Dairy Products
Gold Medal: Lactose free kefir with a probiotic, Robico

Category: Grains and Bakery
Gold Medal: Muesli series: Everyday muesli, Muesli BIO active, Muesli kids, OneDayMore
Special Prize: Rye Bread 100%, Prawdziwy Chleb Bakery

Category: Sweets and Snack Foods
Gold Medal: Hazelnut cream without milk Nocciolata, Italimport Sp. Z o.o.
Special Prize: Pyramids from blue corn, Popcrop
Special Prize: Freeze Dried Raspberry FRUPP, Celiko

Category: Sauces, Mayonnaise, Ketchups, Mustard
Gold Medal: OCTIM organic vinegar cider, Octim
Special Prize: Mustard with natural honey, Vitapol

Category: Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Gold Medal: Apple-Pear NFC Juice, Galicja Europa Sp. z o.o.
Special Prize: Kamchatka Berry Juice, Polska Róża

Category: Coffee and Tea
Gold Medal: The Island of tea Gold – Tea, Basilur Tea Export Ltd.

Category: Innovations
Gold Medal: vEGGS (plant-based substitute of egg), Stewiarnia
Special Prize: Hydrated tapioca, Panegara

Polish Debut
Palmito – the heart of the Acai palm, Panegara
Blue corn flour, Popcrop

International Debut
Coffee Frutado, Limited Liability Company

Category: Alcoholic Beverages
Gold Medal: Red Wine Bock Cuvée 2013, Bock Winery
Gold Medal: White Wine Mirabueno, Blanco, Zielone Butelki
Gold Medal: Rose Wine Chic Barcelona Rosé, Pereventura Family Wine Estates
Special Prize: Red Wine Barão de Vilar Moscatel do Douro DOC , A Mesa
Special Prize: Red Wine Cantine Losito, Primitivo, Zielone Butelki
Special Prize: Sen o Warszawie Beer, Bazyliszek Brewery

Category: Dietary Supplements
Gold Medal: Collagen, Pharmovit
Special Prize: Cranberry 100% (Cranberry juice), EkaMedica
We congratulate all the winners and those honored. The statuettes will be handed on April 11 during the Evening Gala Reception.