WorldFood Poland – a trade fair for demanding and informed traders

What is the Polish consumer like and what does he manage when shopping? Sensitive to quality in every broad sense: assortment, time and price. A personalized offer, high quality customer service and a brand are a priority for 60% of Polish consumers. And this should be borne in mind by a good salesman, whose actions are the key to the success of the entire company.

“The new generation of consumers lives quickly and in the feeling that the offer is created especially for them, is personalized. It also affects the strategy of food companies and adjusts the trade market, which changes as quickly as the needs and expectations of consumers change. The client combines health with Polishness and tradition, but also modernity and fashion. Is sensitive to the values ​​represented by a given brand, appreciates transparency and authenticity. He is educated and reacts to trends.” – Maciej Ptaszyński, director of the Polish Chamber of Commerce notes this great challenge for traders.

Poles have different motivations, but the convenience and profitability of transactions will always be one of the most important. Inborn resourcefulness should be the subject of consideration for every salesperson wanting to succeed. Last year, 64% of Poles buying online were under 34 years of age. Today, this group is less than half – only 42%. Interest in online stores has grown significantly in older groups. People 50+ already constitute more than a quarter of people buying online (26% – an increase of 14 pp compared to 2018), and Internet users 35-49 – more than (32%) (an increase of 7 pp compared to 2018).