WINE & SPIRITS sector at WorldFood Poland 2019

The WorldFood Poland trade fair is an obligatory place for all producers, distributors and traders interested in the Polish market, operating not only in the food industry but also in the alcohol industry. The Wine&Spirits zone is growing year by year and the trade fair offer is rich not only in a large selection of domestic and foreign wines, but also in B2B talks, discussion panels and many other attractions.

Poles more and more often choose wine and this segment of the alcohol market is growing at a rate of 20%. Awareness of the Polish consumer is at an increasingly high level, especially when it comes to the selection of strains and regions.

62% of Poles declare that they drink wine and every year we drink 400 million litres of this beverage. Four out of five Poles usually pay less than PLN 30 for wine, wines up to PLN 20 are bought by 38% of respondents, and those between PLN 21 and 30 – 45%, 13% of respondents choose wines at a price between PLN 31 and 50, 2 % of respondents received alcoholic beverages for more than PLN 50. These are the conclusions of Makro Cash&Carry Polska’s report entitled “Poles in the world of wine 2018”. The most popular wines are red (66%), semi-sweet or semi-dry wines. White wines were indicated by 34% of respondents. The dynamically growing category are rosé wines (21% of indications), including sparkling wines (10% increase in sales during the year).

Alcohols is a category that cannot be missing in any store, because it significantly increases the profits and turnover of the facility. However, the offer has to be adjusted to the customers visiting the shop, as well as to the current season. It is also important to keep track of market trends, so that you always have the best-selling items on offer.
WorldFood Poland trade fair with its sector Wine&Spirits is a great opportunity to present a rich wine offer and travel through regions, varieties, types, vintages and styles.

Exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of alcohols from all over the world and broaden their knowledge about wine combined with tasting beverages from different regions, it is a treat for everyone, for lovers, connoisseurs or connoisseurs from the industry. What can you count on during the next edition?

We will create a common zone where a wide range of wines and spirits will be exposed and presented in an attractive way. Companies presenting their products in the Wine&Spirits sector can count on meetings with properly selected groups of recipients. Among them will be people deciding to buy alcohol from points of sale such as: specialist shops, chains of shops and supermarkets, representatives of the HoReCa industry, importers, distributors. For the convenience of exhibitors participating in the fair, a glass service will be prepared. Companies will be able to establish numerous business contacts and exchange experiences with representatives of the alcohol sector from all over the world – informs Agnieszka Szpaderska, manager of the International Food and Drinks Fair WorldFood Poland.

We hope that we will meet your expectations and invite you with an old Polish “ON HEALTH” to the table, full of regional specialties and drinks from all over the world.

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