The new formula of WorldFood Poland

The largest Food & Beverage trade show in Poland comes in a new, hybrid format

The next edition of WorldFood Poland will take place as planned on April 20-22, 2021. If the situation and administrative conditions allow, the fair will be held in the traditional – stationary version at Expo XXI in Warsaw, with all the special safety measures implemented. In addition, exhibitors will have the opportunity to participate in virtual business meetings with buyers from Poland and abroad.

The hybrid formula of the fair is intended to enable meeting partners who, due to safety and travel restrictions, would not be able to participate in the event on the spot. This new and innovative version of the WorldFood Poland 2021, will create the best and safest conditions that will ensure commercial effectiveness and success for both exhibitors and visitors giving them a unique interactive experience.

Face to face or virtual business meetings  – you can choose the best option for you

Business meetings between Exhibitors and buyers have been organized at WorldFood Poland for 3 years already. At that time, nearly 250 buyers from Poland took part in the meetings, including such big market players as: Auchan, Carrefour, Dino, E.Leclerc, Eurocash, Frisco, IKEA FOOD, Jeronimo Martins Polska, Kaufland, Cuisines of the World, Lidl, Makro Cash & Carry, Mila, Netto, Topaz, Piotr i Paweł, Polo Market, Rossman, Sps Handel, Stokrotka, Tesco, Żabka, Społem.

Trade meetings are a very important part of the fair, so we want to make sure that they can take place, regardless of the epidemic situation in the country and worldwide, hence the decision to add possibility of  virtual trade meetings to the standard offer of WorldFood Poland.

Meetings can be arranged in both versions: face to face and virtually – it is a modern and quick form of contact that allows you to combine attendance at meetings with standard business duties.

A modern business platform – your chance to keep up with the changing business environment

You will be given the access to a special platform, where you will be able to find a potential contractor, check his profile before the fair – what he is looking for or what he offers, and make an appointment with him in advance. The whole process is easy and intuitive and it will certainly facilitate the work of people looking for business partners in the food industry.

Given the uncertain epidemic situation, organizers of the WorldFood Poland exhibition, are preparing for various scenarios. Taking into account the experience so far, the uncertainty about the situation related to the coronavirus epidemic and for the comfort of our partners, we are also working on an alternative scenario for the next edition of the fair on April 20-22, 2021 – an online version.

This year is different. And we’re different, too.

We want to assure you that the entire WorldFood Poland team is working intensively to unite the entire food industry in 2021, regardless of whether it will be in the form of personal or virtual meetings or a combination of both versions. We react to the changing reality and remain flexible to adjust our offer to your needs and provide a platform that allow you to acquire new contractors, enable you to meet with the industry players and get the access to the newest knowledge and exchange the information and experience with others.