The 5th edition of WorldFood Warsaw ended with a success!

Spring everywhere, the time of new energy, development and growth – and these were also reflected in the condition and scale of our trade fair. Once again, we are pleased to say that we are growing, thanks to you and together with you. 

This is how Marcin Fajerski, Chief Editor of the Ekodostawcy portal, rated this year’s edition: “Increased interest in WorldFood Warsaw among exhibitors and participants associated with trade and the service industry reflect its dynamic growth over the span of the last 5 years. This year’s edition confirmed that WorldFood Warsaw is a very important item on the agenda of business meetings of decision-makers in the food industry, as well as those related to the market of organic products and nutraceuticals. WorldFood Warsaw is a Central European premier trade fair event dedicated to the food sector and an effective communication platform for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and top managers, which enables them to establish lasting business relationships with trading partners.”

During the opening ceremony, which was attended by Jacek Bogucki, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Czesław Siekierski, Chairman of the Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, Witold Strobel, General Director of the National Support Centre for Agriculture, presidents of the largest professional organisations, experts and market analysts, exhibitors, numerous media, Trade Fair Director Agnieszka Szpaderska announced as follows: “Given the change of scale, we are also changing the name of our trade fair. I have the pleasure to open the last edition of WorldFood Warsaw; I invite everyone to the Fair under a new name: WorldFood Poland, which will take place in March 2019. The event is considered to be the most important meeting of the food business both in Warsaw and in Poland. We want to develop dynamically.  We believe that soon we will become the most prestigious FOOD FAIR in Central and Eastern Europe.
I hope that WorldFood Poland will grow dynamically every year, and every conscious businessman and businesswoman in this industry will not be able to do without us. Today, I would like to ask everyone to do one thing: enter the 6th edition of WorldFood Poland in the calendars with the obligatory annotation: DO NOT FORGET! Even the most attractive corporate websites cannot replace a direct human relationship and you know it best.”

For three consecutive days, EXPO XXI exhibition halls were full of visitors, ranging from the production sector to the trade, catering and technology sectors. WorldFood’s strength lies in diversity and the promotion of innovation in the food sector, which is truly broadly understood. Active participation in interesting debates, panels, shows and backstage discussions gives everyone an opportunity to exchange views on the latest trends on global markets and provides a chance to share on market novelties and breakthrough innovations with partners.

We hope that foreign participants of the 5th edition have left satisfied with the business-like talks with Polish partners and that our domestic companies from the food industry have strengthened their conviction that they are able to be a match for the foreign competition and to successfully develop our exports.

WorldFood remains the same yet increasingly different.

We heartily invite you to WorldFood Poland in Warsaw in 2019.