During the next 9th edition, a new Food&Drink Packaging sector will be launched, which will complement the FoodTech sector with its technological capabilities – offering a comprehensive set of solutions for food&drink producers, distributors and processors.

Food&Drink Packaging

For the first time during the 9th edition of the exhibition, the Food&Drink Packaging sector will be opened, which will bring together the latest solutions in the field of comprehensive packaging of food products and dietary supplements in one place. More and more manufacturers of FMCG products are looking for innovative packaging solutions not only because of the costs, but what is most important, following the trends and legal requirements, willing to introduce more environmentally friendly packaging mechanisms for their products. The Food&Drink Packaging sector will cover solutions for the food&drink, alcohol and pharmaceutical industries through a wide review of: glass, metal, paper, cardboard, wooden packaging, plastic packaging, ecological packaging, packaging elements, labels and solutions for e-commerce.
The Packaging sector arouses interest among both exhibitors and visitors looking for comprehensive solutions for the entire food sector, enabling everyone to find the best and innovative solutions for their business.

FoodTech - food production equipment and services

The FoodTech sector is a response to the needs of the food sector, which constantly modernizes the production capacity of local and wholesale food products. At this sector will be available following solutions: technology, food processing and production, filtering devices, software, automation, IT services and quality control.
A review of comprehensive solutions for the food industry – from production, through processing, to the final product and its sale, will enable the development of the food business at every stage of production. Since the first edition, the exhibition has gathered Polish and foreign suppliers of technological solutions for the food industry, and now during the next 9th edition, a new Food&Drink Packaging sector is introduced – thus offering a comprehensive set of solutions for producers, distributors and processors of food products.



International Exhibition for Cold Chain&Temperature Controlled Logistics is an excellent platform to present your services and products to a wide range of potential customers. Participation in this event gives the opportunity to establish cooperation with producers who look for temperature-controlled refrigeration and logistics solutions. The cold chain system is designed to maintain a constant temperature during production, transport and storage, which preserves the quality and extends the shelf life of the products. More information