Food supplements sector at the WorldFood Warsaw fair

As part of the 5th edition of the Worldfood Warsaw International Food and Drinks Fair, a new sector dedicated to nutraceuticals was created. The sector has been subject to the Patronage of the National Council of Supplements and Foodstuffs and the European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers (EHPM).

Nutraceuticals are substances that can be considered as food or a part of it, can help maintain health and reduce the risk of contracting civilization diseases. The most common nutraceuticals are plant essences, extracts and preparations in which you can find isolated, health-friendly ingredients. In Poland, the number of their supporters is growing year by year. More and more Poles are trying to eat healthy, have an active lifestyle and use dietary supplements.

Responding to the needs and trends on the food market, WorldFood Warsaw organizers decided to broaden the offer of the trade fair with nutraceuticals. Visitors to the fair include merchants from retail chains, specialist shops, petrol stations, retailers, distributors, gym and fitness clubs managers “Such a group of consumers may be interested in enriching their offer with products comprising individual nutrients, dietary food additives and nutrition, herbal products and food preparations. The food market is demanding and consumers are constantly looking for novelties and health-enhancing products.” – believes Agnieszka Szpaderska, Director of the WorldFood Warsaw.

We invite producers and distributors of dietary supplements, functional food and beverages, products used in natural medicine, nutri cosmetics, functional food additives to present their offer in the NutraFood sector.

Customers interested in this development sector are invited to visit the trade fair and participate in discussion panels devoted to supplements.

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