WorldFood Poland’s wine and spirit sector is designed to target the country’s beverage traders, sommeliers and distributors.

Trend overview

A demand for flavoured vodkas, a surge in premium alcohol sales, an upward trend in brown spirits, an increased popularity in beers with a preference for niche brands, a new cider drinking culture and an optimistic forecast for the wine segment, provide alcoholic beverage suppliers an opportunity for expansion into Poland’s alcoholic beverages market.

  • 49 companies with alcoholic beverages exhibited in this sector.
  • 22% of visitors declared that the Wine & Spirits sector was at the center of their interest.

Market statistics:

In 2018, Poles spent PLN 16.7 billion on beer only in retail trade. In the last year, beer sales increased by 7.1%. What about non-alcoholic beers? They achieved an 80% increase in sales and were a real hit of 2018 in the entire beverage market.

Poles spent over PLN 11 billion on vodka. You can see in this category a clear retreat from economy products for premium vodkas.

Poles spent over PLN 2.3 billion last year on whiskey. Just in 2018, the sale of this drink increased by as much as 11%.

The wine category increase in 2018 was 7.1%, while the premium segment is growing above 20%. Sparkling wine also develops at a very high rate of 9%. The hit of the category are Prosecco and Cava. Their sales increased in 2018 by 46% and 22% respectively!

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