7-9 marzec, 2019
EXPO XXI Warszawa



Bellavita Exhibitors


The Bellavita Expo, Europe’s leading Italian food event joins forces with WorldFood to present the finest selection of artisan food and beverages from all over Italy to Warsaw’s front door.
Upon entering the Bellavita Pavilion, guests can browse the stalls of over fifty companies, both established brands and craft companies. Each will present their products, each with its own unique history and the authentic flavours of the diverse and cultured regions of Italy. Discover delicious truffles, rich Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, and a medley of Italian Cured Meats. Sample the staples of Mediterranean cuisine such as the Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Extra-Virgin Sardinian Olive Oil, Fresh Cheese and Dairy, Pasta, Regional Wines and Spirits and of course Pizza. Here is a taste of some of the delicacies that await you on the 11th – 13th April, 2017. 


Modenaian Balsamic Vinegar with an Organic Twist
Founded in 1906, in the historical Cantine Motta at Cavezzo, (Modena), Acetum specialises in the authentic and rich flavour of Modena’s world-famous balsamic vinegar, with its bold and robust taste unique to the ancient city, home to world-renowned operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti. Likewise, the voice of Acetum rings clear with the company’s core values: an equal respect for consumers and the environment. Thus, providing sustainable produce, whilst maintaining the excellent standards of colour and taste; as a staple of traditional Italian cuisine.
Acetum stands out against its competitors with two new products, available to sample
and purchase at the Bellavita Expo. First, is its new organic range, guaranteed to satisfy many palettes, whilst complimenting a wide range of authentic Italian and Mediterranean inspired dishes. The second, which is known as ‘Pure Glaze’, is the first vitis vinifera available on the market. This organic glaze consists of only two ingredients, that of Modena’s original balsamic vinegar and cooked grape must. The delicious and robust flavour is a must have for any Italian pantry, sure to give your pasta and salad dishes a kick without added thickeners or additives.

Promoting The Best Kept Secrets in Italian Food and Wine.
Beacon is a consulting company specialised in promoting some of the finest Italian products worldwide. Following on from their success at Bellavita Expo in London in July 2016, where they presented a selection of five Italian companies wanting to enter the UK market, they will approach the Polish Market for the first time at the Bellavita Expo in Warsaw 2017, with the aim of becoming the Ambassador to the best products that Italy has on offer.

 With a rapidly expanding portfolio of over 36 projects in six countries across the world, Beacon work extensively with their clients in both commercial and not for profit opportunities, helping provide much needed exposure in today’s competitive industry. Visit their stall for the chance to discover the hidden gems lurking in Italian cuisine, just waiting to be sampled and enjoyed.

Cooked Ham that Meats Every Expectation
Founded in 1982, Comal specialise in revitalising the antipasti staple, cured meats and succulent cooked hams. Now celebrating their 35th birthday, Comal take care to emphasise the quality of the produce and attention to detail. For every piece of meat Comal consistently provide consistent excellence, tailoring their brand from the taste and flavour, to the packaging. The rich aroma from their delicatessen boasts the Bresaola, lovingly crafted with herbs and spices from around the world, traditionally prepared roast suckling pig, generous whole and half portions of turkey and a range of 
sweet and savoury mortadella and Diavoletto spicy cured sausages.

Now at the Bellavita Expo at Warsaw 2017, you will gain the unique opportunity to sample of the latest products available. Highlights will include the ‘Fetta Facile’ and ‘Puro’ hams along with locally refined salami, thus, further expanding their range of bespoke and traditional Italian products. Comal, truly is, a gastronomist’s dream, and will provide a wide selection of meats for classic and contemporary style Mediterranean cuisine. 


Traditional Sardinian Virgin Olive Oil Full of Uplifting Flavour and Body

Since 1916, the Manca family has specialised in preserving the traditional milling methods of producing the San Giuliano range of olive oils and other olive based delicacies; but preserving the flavour and rich golden liquid that compliments a wide range of delicious pasta dishes such as Penne all'arrabbiata, Acqua Pazza, pizzas and fresh Mediterranean salads.

Internationally recognised and winner of national and international awards; and with an ever-increasing range of products, the Manca family continue to thrive, as masters of olive oil producers due to their unrivalled passion and knowledge for the great range of olive types and varieties for even the most sophisticated of palates. This is complimented by a selection of grapeseed oil, fresh basil pesto and stuffed tomatoes - dried by the sun and enthused with oil, capers and herbs for a delicate taste of Italy and the beating heart of Sardinia; now available to sample and try at the Bellavita Expo at Warsaw 2017. 


 Italian Beer Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 

The taste of Ravenna in Romagna, comes to life in the beer crafted by the I.C.B. Italian Craft Brewery. Using their unique recipe of water, barley malt, yeast, hops and a touch of madness, the ICB aims to provide customers of the Bellavita Expo in Warsaw 2017, a taste of their most recent beverage DELIRA, which offers consumers a delicious blend of flavours and full body.
Mindful of different palates and tastes, the fruit of I.C.B.’s labour is produced in red and blonde lager variations and can be purchased from the stall in bottle quantities of 0.33cl, 0.50cl, 0.375cl and casks of 24 litres. With distribution increasing to France, Belgium and the Czech Republic, now is the perfect time to sample a distinctive Italian beer in Warsaw. 


Flour and Mixes with an Authentic Taste of Italy

Three generations ago, he fields of Emilia, between Reggio Emilia and Parma, the Molino Denti farmers that would become Molino Denti had a dream, to provide delicious and traditional Italian flour to the masses, filled with the heart and passion key to true Italian cooking. Now working as millers, the company choses to compliment the trends in today’s technology with the methods of the past.

Having cultivated the land for generations, they continue to choose the grain by hand, but to maintain standards to safety and quality they use sorting machines, to ensure only the best grains are used. The results? A range of over fifty types of flour, and over 300 different mixtures, that are sold globally to businesses, industries and retail stores, ensuring that every client is satisfied and able to make delicious pane bread, fresh pasta, indulgent biscuits and cakes and pizza. The company also offer a Farina Free version, expanding their produce to customers who are gluten free.

Hearty Vegetables, Succulent Fruit, Vibrant Colours Captured in Flour Blends

What better way to deliver the body and taste of Italy than with the beautiful raw flavours obtained from edible plants, fruits and vegetables? Molini Spigadro offer their exclusive range of powders and extracts to intensify your cooking, combining traditional taste with innovative textures. Their new collection, available to buy from the Bellavita Expo, Warsaw 2017, the ‘Chef in Black’ line, features a medley of different options, guaranteed to suit all 
palates; including Gusto Green, Gusto Pink, Gusto Red and Gusto Yellow.
Molini Spigadoro describe their products as a range of flour blends, that are richer in key fibres and minerals that make excellent tasting baked goods. In addition, several other complementary goods will be on offer at the expo, including sativas, red and Venere rice. 


 Succulent cured meats from Valtellina to Warsaw
 Robustellini-Salumi.pngSince their founding in 1949, Robustellini Salumi has evolved from a small local factory in Valtellina producing high quality Bresaola to a wide range of delicious and bespoke Italian cured meats. Highlights set to wow at the Bellavita Expo 2017 in Warsaw include ‘Prosciutto Fiocca della Valtellina’ a squared, no-bone raw ham protected by the Marchio Geografico Collettivo, for its lack of fat, delicate taste and overall tenderness. Also attending will be the ‘Fiocchetto Raw Ham’, ‘Speck Valtellina’ and ‘Coppa Valtellina’ which are recognised for their process of seasoning each piece of raw meat to perfection; and the popular salami.

What makes Robusellini Salumi so special is their chefs’ constant strive for success, offering tastes of Italy, that boast unrivalled flavour and innovation. Their latest creation: a ‘Turkey Bresaola’, is a beautiful white meat charcuterie, seasoned with the same blend of authentic Mediterranean flavours as their infamous and ever popular Beef Bresaola. This product is guaranteed to provide customers with a light yet tasty meat that is high in protein and gluten free. 

A Mediterranean Medley of Wines from the Heart of Italy
In 1952, the Reggio Emilia region was the birthplace of one of Italy’s most celebrated Italian wine Schenk-Italia1.pngbusinesses Schenk Italia. Expanding rapidly, the winery moved in 1960 to Auer, where the company focused on the production and processing of bulk wines. In 1965, Schenk Italia Schenk-Italia3.pnginstalled their first semi-automatic line, and by 2002, after multiple expansions in the technical plant, a second high-speed line was introduced, increasing the capacity of over 30,000 bottles an hour. And in 2007, the processing wine cellar increased to 63,000 hl per year. During this time of industrial change, Schenk Italia continued to create new and innovative
products, whilst sourcing a wide variety of Italian wines and beverages.

After securing several other companies, the vast catalogue of award winning wines available to customers to continues to grow. From traditional full bodied wines to prosecco and sparkling wines. Their portfolio of drinks, encompasses highlights from the whole of the country, to include the very best from Veneto, Piedmont, Tuscany, Abruzzo and Sicily. Enrich your senses with a journey to Italy in a glass, by visiting Schenk Italia at the Bellavita Expo at Warsaw 2017.

Pasta for Every Occasion
Whilst Tesa Spigadoro is one of the oldest established brands in Italy, they still maintain a youthful and Spigadoro-makaron.pngvibrant energy. Making use of technology where appropriate, the family values remain a core of this company and Italian cuisine. Founded as a family mill in Umbria in 1822., and now growing to a sales base of 50 countries worldwide, Tesa Spigadoro is a recognised brand for pasta lovers internationally. The secret? using only the finest wheat available to transform it into bespoke pasta and semolina, under strict quality control.

The production line of over 100 varieties and shapes of pasta, ensure a delicious treat for any occasion. Available at the Bellavita Expo at Warsaw, 2017, Tesa Spigadoro will be showcasing a range of pasta optimised for commercial and retail use or for the budding home chef. These include their special egg pasta, to fragrant wholemeal organic and nutritious gluten free options. Rich in texture and in flavour, it’s no wonder that Pasta remains at its heart a staple of any Italian dish. 

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